Health & safety

Your Child’s health & Safety is Our Number One Priority

At Wise Scholars, we understand that the health and safety of your child is of paramount importance. We believe that a nurturing and safe environment is the foundation for a child’s development and well-being. Our commitment to ensuring your child’s optimal physical, emotional, and social health is at the core of everything we do. We have designed a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that encompasses not only their safety but also their growth, happiness, and lifelong habits. Your child’s journey with us is more than just childcare; it’s an opportunity for them to thrive in a supportive, healthy, and stimulating setting.

Sick policies help protect each and everyone in our learning community.

 If your child is sick please keep them home until they are well. If your child gets sick while in the classroom we will notify you and make sure they are safe until you pick up.

If a child exhibits a fever while at school of more than 100° we ask that they be picked up and can return back to group care after fever free without medication for 48 hours.

Health & Safety Measures

Health Check

We are always monitoring the health of the children in our care. Children must be symptom free at drop off. Parents will be notified if their child exhibits behavior of symptoms that are not typical of that child.

Building Access

Our facility is under constant surveillance with 40 cameras operating 24/7. Access to the building is restricted to students, authorized staff, and those on touchless tours. Additionally, for the convenience of our families, we provide safe and efficient lobby/door drop-off and pick-up options.


All toys, manipulative, and equipment are systematically cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and in between uses. We use a net zero disinfectant fogger at the end of every day to sanitize all surfaces, furniture and materials.

Surface Cleaning

Our center's shared surfaces and spaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized throughout the day with deep cleanings happening each evening and weekend.

Meals & Snacks

All meals and snacks are provided in-house to minimize potential home to school transfer of germs.


High priority is placed on frequency and proper technique of handwashing upon arrival and throughout the day.

Highly Trained and Qualified Staff

Each staff member is trained in child development, early-childhood development or a related field, and certified in first-aid and CPR. We only hire top of the line talent. We do background checks on each and every staff member.

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