6 Weeks to 16 Months

Leaving your infant in someone else’s care is a big leap. All of the teachers at our centers will make sure it is a smooth transition. When you step into our infant classroom, your infant will feel safe, loved, and ready to learn.

Infant Program Highlights

Develop basic concepts of communication and social interactions
Focus on cognitive and motor skills through playtime activities
Discover different sounds, textures, and images through first experiences of self expression
Daily communication between teachers and parents keep families informed about childʼs development

We have a shoe-free environment!

In our infant classroom the first thing you will notice is we only wear socks or booties. We want your infant and toddler to be able to explore freely. A germ free floor will keep hands and mouth safe.

Keeping cribs free and clear!

Each infant will have a personalized crib (infant name and picture). We have firm mattresses and tight fitted sheets in our cribs that are clear of pillows and toys.

Flexible sleep and feeding schedules to fit your infant needs!

No matter if you breastfeed or bottle-feed, Wise Scholars will keep your infant fed, happy and healthy. The policies make sure we label and separate breastmilk and formula! You are always welcome to stop in to feed your baby in our breastfeeding room! 

Ready to get started? request a tour of our center!

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